Chandini means moonlight in Hindi. That would probably imply that I’m North Indian by ethnicity (for those that understand the difference between North and South India).

My parents hail from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We say and think ‘Aiyyo Kadhavule’ 99% of the time due to other peoples’ neurotic behavior.

Ghee in and on Pongal, Dosa, Idly, Sambhar, and Rasam is always on the menu; except on Thayyar sadham (yogurt rice). It is equivalent to a closing of a merger – meals are serious business.

The current Marghazi season and future ones are usually on the table for discussions, along with which kutcheris (concerts) we are attending. Trips to Chennai always include Elaneer (coconut water), Malli poo (jasmine flower) and at least one meal on a vaazha elai (banana leaf).

I am thoroughly South Indian, born and raised in New York State (clarification due to the misconception that I’m from New York City).

As you can tell I like using parentheses. A lot.

I’m a recent graduate with a Master’s of International Business! I’m also a coffee fanatic and a tea enthusiast. I sporadically bake as well.

Anyways – Hey! Welcome to my blog.

I was inspired to share my love for photography and words by the people and events in my life.

Hope you enjoy 😊